Mousumi is a Rabindrasangeet singer with a difference. Her knowledge and perception of Tagore, combined with her diction and soulful style of singing creates a universal appeal that transcends barriers of language and nationality, and has been highly acclaimed by audiences in India as well as USA, where she lives and works. She performs regularly in both countries, and has released three albums Hriday Amar Prakash Holo, Nijer Rabindranath. and Nirjoney.



She is a writer who is equally poised in the Bengali and English languages. 

New Book published in 2015 - "Eklaghor (Room Alone)" :  A collection of Bengali poems.
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Mousumi is a professor at the University of Michigan, where she teaches, conducts research, and advises doctoral students. Her academic work lies at the interface of Bangla Onko (i.e. mathematical and statistical modeling) and English Oncology.



Mousumi Banerjee

Mousumi Banerjee is a singer, writer, and academician living in the United States. She was born and raised in Kolkata. Professionally, she lives in a world of hard science, trying to make sense of data to move cancer research and treatment forward. But her passion and deep affinity for the arts gives her sustenance in life, and counterbalances her work as a scientist. 
Mousumi has been singing and cultivating Rabindrasangeet (songs written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore) for more than two decades. She performs regularly in the USA and India, and has released two albums Hriday Amar Prakash Holo, and Nijer Rabindranath. She has also appeared as an invited artist in Tara Muzik (“Aaj Shokaler Amontroney”) on multiple occasions. In the USA, she has been involved in collaborations with the Department of Jazz and Improvisation at the School of Music and the Center for South Asian Studies at University of Michigan to showcase and perform Tagore’s works. In 2012 she was the lead soloist performing with the University of Michigan Choir and Strings Ensemble in a unique event celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Tagore through Western interpretations of his music. Mousumi regularly holds workshops and lecture demonstrations in the USA with the aim of propagating Tagore’s music and poetry to the broader Western community. She is the Executive Director of a non-profit foundation “Tagore Beyond Boundaries” whose aim is to propagate Tagore’s music to the global audience by creating western classical transcriptions of Rabindrasangeet that can be adopted by the world music fraternity.
Mousumi is a writer who is equally poised in the Bengali and English languages. Her first volume of poems Eklaghor (Room Alone) was published in 2015. The hallmark of Mousumi’s writings are simple words and imageries that evoke exquisitely beautiful emotions and a deep sensitivity towards life. She writes on topics that range from intertwining existence, urban loneliness, human relationships, to immigrant life. Her poems have been put to musical score by the Sarod musician and composer Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty in a creative album Na Howa Kathopokathon (Conversation Untold). Mousumi is currently working on her first volume of poetry in English, and a children’s book that draws from her personal experience of trying to raise two young children in a universal humanistic culture. 
Mousumi did her schooling at Patha Bhavan in Kolkata where she learnt that there is no conflict between the arts and the sciences, if one has the talent and the passion. She did her graduate training at the world-renowned Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata, and received her doctorate in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin in USA. Currently she is professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and the Cancer Center, and Director of Biostatistics at the Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy, where she teaches, conducts research, and advises doctoral students. Her academic work is focused on developing models for cancer prognostication, and understanding patterns of cancer treatment and survival in the population. 


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Songs of Tagore


Music Design & Keyboard programming: Ranodeep Mukherjee

Sarod: Prateek Srivastava, Esraj: Shubhayu Sen Majumdar, Tabla: Uday Mukherjee, Debjit Patitundi, Flute: Bubai, Guitars & Bass: Raja Chowdhury, Soubhik Deb (Dinky), Percussions: Somnath Roy

Mixed & Mastered by: M. Bhabesh at Studio Impression

Released by: On Air Communications, Kolkata, India.


Songs of Rabindranath Tagore

Music Design: Shom

Piano: Ranodeep Mukherjee

Bass: Raja Chowdhury

Hriday Amar Prakash Holo

A collection of 11 soulful songs of Tagore ranging from Prem to Puja parjaye.


Artist: Dr. Mousumi Banerjee.

Music Arrangement: Shamik Chakravarty.

Musicians: Joy Nandi, Reena Srivastava, Pratik Srivastava, Sushanta Babul Nandi, Sandipan Ganguly, Subhayu Sen Majumdar.

Nijer Rabindranath

Nijer Rabindranath is a journey: a journey that starts as a lullaby amidst the smell of hasnuhana on a summer night, and traverses through many monsoons to the comfort filled accomplished middle-age in a Western society, and the sound of silence in a faraway land. It is a personal yet universal saga, told through exquisitely beautiful story-telling, poetry, songs and music; of a Bengali growing up with Rabindranath just like another member of the family.


Script, Concept, Narration, and Songs: Dr. Mousumi Banerjee.

Music Conceptualization: Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty.

Music Arrangement: Shamik Chakravarty.

Musicians: Joy Nandi, Reena Srivastava, Pratik Srivastava, Sushanta Babul Nandi, Sandipan Ganguly, Subhayu Sen Majumdar.

Conversation Untold
Two artists come together in this unique presentation of a conversation through poetry and music. Across space and time zones, amidst the touch of August rains and the smell of hasnuhana-filled summer nights drifted by the wind, they have spoken to each other in many untold conversations. Their "na howa kathopokathon" culminates in an impressionist experience through an artistic blend of different art forms for an ultimate feast to the soul.

Poetry: Dr. Mousumi Banerjee

Sitar: Smt. Reena Srivastava

Tabla: Soumen Sarkar

Music Concept & Composition: Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty

Edward Kennedy Center, Dhaka, July 2018



Performing Nijer Rabindranath at the Edward M. Kennedy Center for Public Service and Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh, July 2018.

Ocean of Stories

Ocean of Stories-- Telling Tales through Tagore's Music and Poetry: Lecture and Performance at University of California, Berkeley, USA, October 2015.


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Conversation Untold

Conversation Untold: A jugalbandi of poetry and sarod at Dhaka National Museum, Bangladesh, December 2015. 



Book published - "Eklaghor (Room Alone)"
Eklaghor available at Oxford Bookstore, Park Street, Kolkata

Also available at Kolkata Book Fair 2016 at Japonchitra stall number 170.






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